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the artist.

Nir Sason.

Born in Israel on March 5th, 1982.
As a young child his parents took him and his sisters to Canada to start a life there.
In May of 2007, he decided to move back to Tel Aviv, Israel, where he feels most at home. On the way to the holy land he passed by New York City to buy his first DSLR camera and that is when he fell in love, not with the city, with photography.

He has been working as a photographer ever since.



Tel Aviv Paparazzi is owned and run by the artist Nir Sason.

+972 58 5995 677

If you are looking to hire us for a project, call or e-mail.

**All of the artwork on this website is currently available to order in Canada, United States and Israel. If you are not from one of these countries please contact us for information on our shipping and delivery policies.

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